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NEW Minelab Vanquish Battery

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Published by Paul Cee in Minelab Vanquish · 7 September 2020
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The NEW high power Lithium battery for the MINELAB Vanquish Metal Detectors, will be available from CRAWFORDS METAL DETECTORS and Selected Minelab Dealers in the U.K.

RNB Innovations Battery for the Minelab Vanquish
Super High Powered Minelab Vanquish metal detector
It is a built in solution for increasing  your metal detecting time and does away with the original battery system.

RNB Minelab Vanquish replacement batterydesigned to replace and fit the original apperture where the 4 AA batteries fit

charging minelab Vanquish with USB The RNB Innovations Minelab Vanquish Battery is Designed to be Charged Via USB-C and comes complete with a USB charging cable

charging the Minelab Vanquish battery with a powerbanlIf your planning on metal detecting for a long period of time, like a weekend metal detecting rally or other long event this is an ideal add on for you Minelab Vanquish and can also connect to a POWERBANK and top it up while you are resting or having a nap..

Keep An eye on Minelab In Depth or the CMD Social media and WEBSITES for details of availabilty and Pricing

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