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Old Maps for Metal Detecting
Research Maps

BEST Metal Detecting Research maps

 On this page, we're diving into the fascinating world of old maps for metal detecting. If you're wondering about the best maps to use for your treasure hunting adventures, look no further. From research maps and treasure hunting maps to detailed maps of old towns and villages, we've got you covered. In particular, we'll be exploring the concept of lidar maps and how they can enhance your metal detecting research. Get ready to uncover hidden gems as we delve into the world of old English maps and the exciting possibilities they hold for metal detecting enthusiasts.
Whether your field walking and looking for pottery or a serious treasure hunter with the best metal detector looking for a hoard of treasure using old maps and lidar maps in the quest of finding "A Hoard" or a beginner at metal detecting looking at how to research where to metal detect step by step guide on using old maps, old footpath maps to locate lost towns, villages and roads and footpaths, modern LIDAR maps overlaid and maps side by side can aid locating areas to metal detect or field walk. and how what 3 words can help with planning a metal detecting adventure and be used for creating find points.
Find the BEST places to metal detect
there are paid and free maps to help in the research.
OLD Maps of towns and villages, ancient settlements historic find spots that are recorded, using side by side maps and LIDAR

how to find and use old maps for metal detecting, lidar, overlay and side by side maps
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