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RNB Innovations Battery
Metal Detectors

Minelab Vanquish RNB long lasting battery

Designed to replace and fit the same opening as the original batteries on the Minelab Vanquish.
Secure Snap in fitting and can be recharged with a USB-C type lead which is supplied.
The High powered battery from RNB Innovations can supply enough power from a single charge
for upto 30 hours of metal detecting, and also can be plugged into a power bank while away from a fixed electricity source.
This battery pack is great for a metal detecting weekend or Rally
minelab Vanquish battery long lasting high powercharging a minelab Vanquish with a powerbank
For details on Pricing and availabilty visit CMD Website or for upto date Minelab News visit Minelab In Depth
Minelab Vanquish RNB battery
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