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Published by in Equinox detecting · 14 November 2018
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metal detector headphones
Predator Excelsior Headphones made by Crawfords Metal Detecting fitted to the Minelab Equinox 800, with the Minelab Head phone adapter.
These are snug and cut down much of the external noise from wind and waves.
minelab headphones
Although not submersible these are ideal for wading and with the MINELAB HEADPHONE ADAPTOR also allows the Equinox Control box to be submersed, unlike the EQUINOX WM08 module and bluetooth head phones which are not waterproof.
I have used the Predator headphones for many year on the Minelab Etrac and CTX 3030

Predator Excelsior headphones are the best you can buy. High quality components are used to ensure durability and sound quality that is second to none. These are the only metal detecting headphones we know of that offers a 2 year guarantee.
Features Include:

Military specification curly cable - light, flexible and virtually indestructable. So strong there is no need for it to be detachable. (Unlike the cheap PVC leads fitted to all other metal detecting headphones we know of).
Lightweight 80ohm mylar speakers driven by powerful cobalt magnets to deliver pitch perfect sound. Designed for mid-range audio they are perfect for your detector.
Waterproof smooth action volume control
High quality 'peltor' fold down ear defender.
Reinforced & water sealed jack plug.
New external Stereo/Mono micro switch to ensure Predator Excelsior headphones are compatible with all of your metal detectors

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