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Minelab Equinox Beach Settings paul cee

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Published by in Equinox detecting · 28 November 2018
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Beach metal detecting
Pauls beach settings for the Minelab Equinox 800 50 Tones

Beach Settings1

Initial turning on you have the Basic Detect screen

deep nox settings

                                          Press the HORSE SHOE Button to select ALL METAL MODE

paul cee settings

Press the DETECT button to select BEACH 1

equinox detect screen

                                                      Press the FUNCTION Button to Select Noise Cancel

nox screen    Press The Accept Reject Button to confirm noise canel      Equinox settings

setting up equinox

Press Again the FUNCTION BUTTON for Ground Balance

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Use the PLUS & Minus Buttons while SLOWLY Pumping the Coil above ground with targets beneath the coil!!! use the plus and minus buttons to adjust setting equinox sensitivity
or Select the plus minus button for GROUND TRACKING

tone adjustNext is VOLUME ADJUST for 50 Tones( I USE MAX VOLUME FOR MAIN TONES)

PRESS AND HOLD FUNCTION BUTTON to access 2nd screen mode nox function button

tone settingsTone 1 Volume (IRON) is set to 16 to allow quiet hearing of the non ferous tone
equinox 50 tonesTone 2 is set at 25

Press the FUNCTION BUTTON Again to access the SIGNAL TONES Function

equinox tone volume

Set The desired TONE. THEN PRESS THE PLUS/MINUS BUTTON to access tones 2setting for tones Tone 2 selection is now available select the desired tone

I use RECOVERY SPEED of 4 as the beaches have deep iron but with a slow swing speed this is the best setting i have found..
Press and hold the FUNCTION BUTTON to access the IRON BIAS setting..
(This is the Setting there is so much debate about whether it is set at zero or higher)
Equinox iron bias I personally use this set at 3

Press the DETECT/PINPOINT button to return to the main Detect SCREEN equinox pinpoint button

Finally set the Sensitivity to suit.. some people tend to run The EQUINOX VERY HOT (high sensitivity) and if you are just learning the detector this will seriously frustrate you as it is very noisy, adjust using the PLUS/Minus buttons equinox sensitivity usually between 19 and 24 i have found to be the most stable but as beach conditions can vary greatly from beach to beach then so can this value..

These are the settings i have tuned over the months using the STOCK COIL.
Setting for the 15" coil still in testing but i will update when i have good stable results

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2018-11-28 16:25:11
Thanks PC been waiting for these. ABBI X

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