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Minelab equinox beach settings

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Published by in Equinox detecting · 17 November 2018
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equinox beach program
Why do people go with settings from Youtube videos that are not tried and tested?
Some people just make the videos with no beach detecting knowledge, for likes and views.
Lots of beaches are very differant in the make up of the sand and what lies beneath, some are very clean
with no deep iron or other deep trash, some sand is very mineralised and can vary greatly withing a few yards of walking.
The minelab Equinox standard programs are a great place to start if your just learning to metal detect
and noise cancel and senstivity are usually the only settings you need to change, until you are confident in the use of your metal detector.
With practice and knowledge gained of how the beach you are detecting is made up, then settings can be adjusted.
To many false signals and digging of junk targets can leave you frustrated where as a quiet running metal detector will help you find more.
Enjoy the Hobby of metal detecting without/
What are your thoughts?? feel free to comment

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