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Minelab Equinox 800 4 tone set up

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Published by in Equinox detecting · 3 December 2018
Tags: Equinox800tone4pitchsetupsettingshowto
After reading a comment on Pauls Youtube channel, he mentioned to somebody about
Setting up a 4 Tone Detecting method.. A Reply came about that the Equinox 800 has only 2 tones, 3 tones, 5 tones and 50 tones.

                              So where does the 4 tones come from? The Answer is very simple.

equinox tone settings
Its all to do with how you set the Tones in the Equinox settings.
Each Tones break has a selectable tone right?

So if you have a 5 tone setting and have the TONE BREAKS set as to where you require them if you have adjusted them as a previous post
all you then have to do is adjust one of the TONE PITCHES to the same Value as a Tone pitch next to it and hey presto you have the 4 TONES.

Hope this has cleared up any confusion, if you have found it useful please leave a comment below

Thanks DW..

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