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how to choose a beach to metal detect on

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Published by in Detecting news · 4 June 2017
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So the summer beach metal detecting season is upon us, and if your lucky enough to live near a popular resort then i guess your fine, but if you have to travel to the coast for your metal detecting outing, then you really have to either guess as to which beaches are busy or you can really get social media on your side and look at what your friends are sharing. I usually use Instagram and searching the the "#" for local resorts and just have a look through what people are posting, you can get an idea of how many people are on the beach, where they are located I.E. Sitting,swimming, playing games, this really does give you a heads up before you hit the beach or take you options as to which beaches to narrow you desicion down to.
I hope this helps you in your quest to find the good stuff, you can head over to youtube and watch a few videos of me looking for and finding gold rings and coins.
If your reading this and have lost an item of jewellery or your mobile phone/ keys on the beach, fill out the form HERE, and we will endevour to get on of our team to search for you, if you want to join our recovery team you can join here

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