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Hambledon hoard

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Published by in Detecting news · 12 April 2019
Tags: detectivalhambledonhoardmetaldetectingfindstreasure
Spring detectival 2019. the first major metal detecting rally where metal detectorists from around europe
meet to treasure hunt land in the Uk. This event was held near Henley on Thames and there was around 900 detectorists from the Uk and Europe.
What started out as a good weekend of meeting friends and generally having a good time turned at the beep of a metal detector into an outstanding weekend of metal detecting finds.
Initially one gold coin was found and then silver hammered coins and then more gold and more silver, totalling thus far 12 GOLD NOBLE coins and in the region of 600 silver hammered coins from around the midd 1200's.
How they got there and why they were left is still going to be found out, but this has sure turned into an epic weekend of metal detecting.. Roll on the Summer Detectival..

This was a live feed from when the coins were first discovered at Spring Detectival

This was Filmed during the recovery and has the reactions of the finders as they find 2 GOLD NOBLES

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