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Garrett SEAHUNTER, lots of coins and old ring

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Published by Paul Cee in garrett seahunter · 9 August 2017
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Garrett Seahunter mk2minelab logo
High tide Early today so had the Garrett Seahunter MK2 on this trip, and changed from the usual large coil to the standard coil.
It really did impress me for a change today, as there wasnt much iron around.
I Stayed out detecting with the Seahunter longer than i normally would with a PULSE detector, as it was really finding plenty of good targerts today.
And also a very short hunt with the CTX3030 and 17" coil, but really the seahunter did the majority of the detecting and found lots of coins and a nice old ring, tried the CTX3030 with the 17" coil to see if i could get that bit of extra depth, but it wasnt really going anywhere with that today.
Managed to pick out plenty of coins and the bonus find of a ring.
SEAHUNTER is Fitted with the ANDERSON Carbon Shaft, which really does take the wrist strain away and also makes it much better balanced.
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