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Equinox wet sand settings

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Published by Paul Cee in Equinox detecting · 5 November 2018
Tags: MinelabEquinoxDeepprogramsettings
minelab equinox beach settings
Deeper beach settings for the Minelab Equinox, Always Noise Cancel first...these settings have some super results on an iron infested beach, if your beach is a clean beach then the recover speed can be lowered and possibly the Sensitivity raised to 25 or lowered depending on detecting conditions, some beaches also will favour a ground tracking instead of manual Ground Balance, Iron bias may also be adjusted, but then changing all these settings is just adjusting the Detector to suit your beach, and Then it is another Equinox Custom program....
We hope you get on well with these settings, let us know how you get on
1 Noise Cancel
2 Select Beach 1
3 Manual Ground Balance
4 Select 50 tones
6 Set recover speed to 4
7 Go find some relics and treasure
Tip.. If your new to metal detecting just use the Factory presets ..noise cancel, auto GB, Sens adjust so it runs quiet, maybe as low as 18-20. and 5 tones, learn first what targets you are detecting and memorise the sounds

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