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best equinox headphones

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Published by in Equinox detecting · 4 March 2018
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best equinox headphones
This is version 2 of the M6 Pro In ear monitors used by Paul with the Minelab Equinox. Reasonable price and deliver superb audio clarity for the tiniest of signals from the Equinox, thus allowing detector volume to be lowered and also hearing the small target tones from the Equinox 800 in the windiest of conditions. small enough to fit under a balaclaver so no obtrusive and comfortable for all day metal detecting. the simply plug into the Minelab WM08 headfone unit and can be safley clipped inside a jacket to protect from the elements, although not waterproof headphones so long as the Equinox control box can send a signal to the WM08 unit then these can be placed inside the VANSKY waterproof pouch and used in the water

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