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Anderson Neptune Carbon fibre scoop handle T Rex Scoop

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Published by in Detecting news · 21 September 2016
Tags: AndersonNeptuneCarbonfibrescoophandleTrexScoop
long handle sandscoop shaft
So arrived in the post the new Neptune carbon fibre sandscoop handle, i get through so many types of handles on my scoops, the only one i havent broken is the stainless one, but it weighs a ton.
I spoke to Anderson Shafts and they assure me i shouldnt break it.
I do like a challenge....
Weightwise this is very light and also stiff, so im not sure how this is going to work on the wet sand, i shall be testing out this week, already had a couple of hours with it on the dry sand and it sure does seem tough..

If your interested Anderson Detector Shafts
Not really a cheap scoop Shaft when you take into consideration the shipping costs, but hopefully this will stand the test..

sand scoop for metal detecting

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